How I work

Concept Design & Planning Approval

In building projects it is common for the customer to work with a Building Designer or Architect to develop their design concept, which is then issued to the Council for Planning Approval if required.


Detailed Design, Building & Plumbing Approval

After development of the concept, the engineer is then asked to provide the structural design drawings, along with the associated Form 35a, or Form 55 certificate. Often this is done without the engineer visiting the site.

The main reason for input from the engineer coming after development of the concept is to minimise design costs, and is the way that I usually contribute to the design of buildings.

Where I provide a Site Classification Report for the foundations or On-site Wastewater Assessment, this is typically also done at this stage. These do require me to visit the site.


Engineering Input in Concept Design

In some cases it is beneficial to consult with the engineer during the concept design stage, or to visit the site. This is particularly important when you wish to incorporate environmental values or non conventional building options, and minimise the impact of siteworks into your project.

This early consultation can help to ensure you achieve the outcomes you want, identify opportunities or constraints you may not have been aware of, and potentially reduce costs.

Talk with your Building Designer or Architect, or contact me to discuss when would be a suitable time to involve the engineer in your project.